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The following types of non-destructive tests are performed on request:

Box Proto – Controlli ENG

Sheet x-rays

Ideal for large sized pig iron casts or aluminium casts. It produces one or more sheets with different densities that highlight any minor defects even in casts of considerable size and complex geometries.

Constant radioscopics

Ideal for small or medium sized aluminium casts. It produces a sequence of images or videos that highlight any defects such as inclusions, micro-retractions, retractions. High detail inspections that cannot be performed on ferrous or aluminium alloy casts with a thickness of over 25 mm.


Used to search for surface cracks and sub-surface cracks in metal pieces. It consists in the magnetisation of the piece being tested and in the analysis of the distribution of the magnetic field on the object that is highlighted by means of fluorescent granules or liquids which show the discontinuity of the magnetic field in the vicinity of the cracks.


Ultrasonic tests are a non-destructive method where high frequency sound waves are introduced to the material being tested, so as to highlight superficial or internal defects, measure the thickness of materials, measure the distance and the dimension of the defects.

Penetrating liquids

These tests exploit the wicking ability of certain liquids to penetrate inside the superficial defects (cracks, cavities etc.) The low surface tension allows penetration even inside extremely fine discontinuities. After the application and penetration of the liquid, the excess liquid is removed from the surface by rinsing it under cold running water. The piece to be examined is then coated in revealing powder which exploits the wicking principle and allows the penetrating liquid, which had entered in the flaws, to emerge on the surface where it is highlighted using special lamps.