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Box Proto – Fresa ENG

CNC milling is used to build objects out of a wide variety of materials starting from a block of selected material, which is then shaped using a milling machine that operates on work stations (milling cutters) that move along 3,4 and 5 axes.

The undoubted advantage of this technological solution lies in the structural integrity, guaranteed in all cases given that the piece is shaped by a compact block of material, with top standard surface finishes due to the polishing of the machined sides further to the possibility to create the piece with all the mechanical processed features included (holes, threads, bearing seats, seal seats, all perfectly functioning and within the specific tolerance thresholds).
This procedure requires the use of a 3D model of the "finished" part and in cases of construction of zones within specific tolerance thresholds, also a specific 2D design for the processing phases.

The materials normally chosen for this type of procedure vary from resins to metals, the most common being:

Nylon: PA 6; PA6,6; PA 35% GF

Aluminum: 6061;6082; 7075;
Steel: 39NICRMO3; 39NICRMO4; AISI 304; AISI 316


CNC milling machines are used to produce forming equipment for the moulding and foundry sectors. Models and cores are produced in wood, resin, aluminium, pig iron or steel.

Box Proto – Fresa ENG

Specific equipment is also produced for:
- die casts
- injection moulding
- thermoforming
- rotational forming.

Thanks to the integrated CAD/CAM development operations, we are able to offer our customers a feasibility study and alternative proposals for the realisation of pre-industrial runs.