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Carbon Fiber Lamination

CARBON FIBER LAMINATION PROTOTYPES – Both from 3D printing lamination and from mold or core lamination

Beyond giving the possibility to realize carbon fiber reinforced polyamide prototypes from 3D printing, we can also realize high-quality objects in real carbon fiber. These elements are achieved by modeling the carbon fibers with two solutions as follows:

Carbon applied directly on an object serving as core shape

It makes the prototype construction fast and easy: the core can be obtained from a 3D file, printed with rapid prototyping techniques and with a specific catalytic treatment in autoclave. With this solution we can create carbon prototypes showing extremely complex shapes in just about a working week.

Carbon inserted in a cavity shape

This technique requires the splitting up of the object shape into two shells, which are laminated separately and then assembled (except for objects having only one shell, where one side is not particularly relevant for finishing and details, for ex. motorbike housings). The need to make the cavity shape increases both construction times and costs, however it offers the best quality result and the highest fiber density, as the catalytic treatment in autoclave is the ideal one. This solution is used most for the realization of small series, where the investment for the cavity shape has to be optimized.