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Box Proto – ENG

We are specialized in the realization of laser sintered cores. Thanks to two sintering laser machines it is possible to satisfy even the most demanding customers also for a considerable provision of cores for casting tests or for the evaluation of mould assemblies in the production of hydraulic distributors, dividers, control valves, hydraulic engines etc.

The range of our services is further widened thanks to the supply of cores and flaskless moulds with bigger or more bulky geometries, obtained from 3D printing silica machines and from which you can get cold box polymerized sand moulds (Cold box prototypes)); these are ideal to cover large undercuts or to realize casting moulds of great dimensions such as gearboxes, differential units, half-horns etc.

We usually realize prototypes with the following solutions:



Cast Metal Alloys:

  • Aluminium alloy castings (GAlSi7-GAlSi9-GAlSi9Cu1-GALSi11)
  • Grey Pig Iron Castings (GJL150-GJL200-GJL250-GJL300)
  • Spheroidal Pig Iron Castings (GJS400.4-GJS500.3-GJS600.3)

* working days only


We offer specifically customised rapid prototype solutions for:

  • Pumps manufacturers
  • Car parts manufacturers
  • Electromechanical components manufacturers
  • White goods manufacturers

Contact us to find our more.

MICROCAST Prototypes

Microcast Metal Alloys:

  • Aluminium alloy microcastings (GAlSi7-GAlSi9-GAlSi9Cu1-GALSi11)
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel. (C40-AISI 304-AISI 316)

* working days only


Plastic materials:

  • White sintered polyamide
  • ABS wire deposits

Compound plastic materials:

  • Sintered in Polyamide with 30% fibreglass load
  • Sintered in Polyamide with aluminium load
  • Sintered in Polyamide with 30% carbon fibre load


  • Sintered in 40-60-90 shore rubber

Sintered metal:

  • Sintered in: Bronze-C40-Steel for dies

* working days only

Silicone die RESIN prototypes

Various hardness polyurethane resins (from foams to high-tech polymer plastics, also for food and fire resistant applications)